The Eldercare Philosophy

At the heart of our Philosophy of Care is a determination to treat each resident as an individual and a commitment to high quality service.

Each person comes to stay at our home with his or her own life story. They bring with them many things; experiences, accomplishments, values, memories, preferences and …… a loss of self-dependence.

It is this latter fact which, regrettably, means they can no longer manage at home and now have social and personal care needs that can best be met in a residential setting.

We recognise that your care needs are important and that they will form an important part of the care plan which we tailor for you. We never lose sight, however, of all the other things which make us individuals.

Your plan for care and daily living will contain as much information about you, your loved ones, your past activities and occupations and what you liked to do as is possible.

This detail becomes a most valuable guide to us in providing a care service that you will appreciate.